/Project management

Project management

Put your trust in a partner that expertly guides your ASIC project to completion.

If you’re working on a product or solution that’s destined to change your industry and put your company ahead of the competition, you can’t afford to risk delays due to an erratic engineering process.

That’s why imec.IC link embraces the Project Management Institute (PMI) project management methodology. Together with our partners, we defined a process flow that flawlessly balances technical engineering with project risk mitigation techniques, quality measures and key performance indicators.

Below is an overview of our process flow.

project management

The goal of engineering is to prepare the delivery of a product that matches your requirements – including the production forecast during volume production.

To fulfill your project to the highest requirements, our technical teams are available to support its management and bring the technical solutions. This project team always consists of several:

  • system architects
  • digital and analog designers
  • verification engineers
  • P&R and layout engineers
  • package designers
  • assembly engineers
  • test engineers
  • qualification experts
  • volume production supply chain administrators
  • product engineers
  • production engineers
  • project quality assurance (QA) specialists
  • project managers

With this team behind your project, you can be confident of being able to deliver your prototypes and innovative products and fulfill your time-to-market strategy.