A trusted route to ASIC development


Turning your ASIC ideas into real products can be a complex process. That’s where imec.IC-link services come in – whether you’re looking for a few prototype samples or need volume production of qualified packaged products.

High-quality, reliable ASIC development services and flexible support

Imec.IC-link is a complete ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) solutions provider that can manage the full product lifecycle – serving start-ups, SMEs and established OEMs as well as universities. Our highly experienced ASIC development team realizes over 600 successful tape-outs per year across all our supported technologies (CMOS, GaN-on-SOI and Si photonics).

Backed by imec, one of the world’s leading R&D labs in nanoelectronics, imec.IC-link offers tailored services adapted to your needs – from ASIC design including radiation-hardened designs to package development, testing and qualification.

  • leading TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) alongside long-standing agreements with other key semiconductor foundries and OSATs
  • track record of delivering high-quality solutions in markets such as healthcare, space, automotive, industrial, IoT and AI
  • transition from small-scale multi-project wafer (MPW) prototyping runs to volume production using our ASIC supply-chain management services

To ensure that your ASIC project is delivered efficiently, we apply a strict process flow and support you with a multidisciplinary team. Read more about our project management approach.

ASIC fabrication
ASIC fabrication

Starting from your ASIC requirements we assist you in prototype fabrication (MPW) or volume production in our supported technologies.

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Asic services
ASIC services

We can tailor our full turnkey services to fit your final product needs, no matter your starting point or in-house expertise and resources.

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Our partners
Our partners

We have access to cutting edge technologies and partnerships throughout the global semiconductor ecosystem.

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About imec.IC-link

Imec.IC-link is part of the global R&D hub imec, and provides access to advanced ASIC foundry technologies. Our services are available for customers worldwide. We have an extensive multi-disciplinary team in Europe and an entity in Silicon Valley (US), supported by global business development teams.

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Best Paper Award at CadenceLIVE

In PCB, Multiphysics Analysis and Packaging track

header wiyo

Wiyo is a Spanish Internet of things (IoT) start-up that created an intelligent tag to enable simple and efficient solutions in the world of automatic identification and data capture. We talked to its founders about their journey and the importance of ASICs.

securing the worlds data

Arm is a leading semiconductor IP provider. For the Morello research program, the company and its project partners needed to manufacture a real-life and complex system-on-chip, a task imec.IC-link was well placed to support.

Design contest for first-time users of imec SiN photonics technology

Imec and EUROPRACTICE launched a design contest in summer 2021 for first-time users of imec silicon nitride photonics technology. Here are the results.

GaN IC contest imec-IC-link and Europractice

Press release

19 October 2021

Contest aims to stimulate innovation in power electronics, leveraging GaN technology to create higher power, smaller and faster components that increase devices’ power density

ASICs continue their starring role in the New Space era

Microelectronic systems orbiting above us are transforming humanity. But designing ASICs for use in space is a special trade. One that Arquimea, with the help of imec.IC-link, masters to perfection.

Picocom testimonial

For a start-up, it's not easy to gain a share of the 5G network market. But Picocom is up to the task, thanks to a talented and experienced team, and access to imec.IC-link’s experience and network.