/Simplifying the process of ASIC manufacturing

Simplifying the process of ASIC manufacturing

Ready to fabricate your ASIC design? Imec.IC-link assists you with flexible access to multi-project wafer (MPW) and volume production at leading foundries for mature and advanced nodes, including its own innovative technologies such as gallium nitride and silicon photonics.

Process technology selection

The starting point for any design is selecting the right process technology node for the manufacturing of your ASIC.

Our skilled imec.IC-link team helps you make the technology choice that best fits your technical and market requirements. And subsequently provides you with the corresponding design kit and cell libraries so you can create your chip layout.

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ASIC manufacturing in CMOS (6 nm - 0.35 micron)

As a leading TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA), imec offers you access to an extensive range of mature and cutting-edge technologies. And as a main partner of EUROPRACTICE we also support technologies from other foundries, such as X-FAB, UMC and On Semiconductor. Along with the variety of technologies, you can choose from a range of options – including FinFET logic, embedded memory, mixed signal as well as other dedicated processes for power devices and image sensors.

All this comes with the proven, high-quality production guarantee that you can expect from foundry partners leading in semiconductor industry.



Imec’s unique GaN-on-SOI technology provides full isolation between power devices, drivers, control and protection circuits. This enables the fabrication of complex single-chip GaN power ICs.

Compared to traditional silicon-based processing, innovative compound semiconductor processes offer higher power density and faster switching capabilities in very small form factors. Imec’s 200 V and 650 V GaN-on-SOI technology is offered in the form of a Multi-Project Wafer service.

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Schematic cross-section of monolithically integrated half-bridge with enhancement mode low-side and high-side devices fabricated on 200 mm GaN-on-SOI with trench isolation.

Photonics: SiN and Si

Imec.IC-link offers both silicon (Si) and silicon nitride (SiN) based Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) fabrication through multi-project wafer services. Our Si-based process is optimized for applications such as data center interconnects and high-speed transceivers with a large active component library rated at 50 Gb/sec.

For applications such as lidar, quantum computing and biosensors, our innovative SiN process is notable for its high-power density and low propagation loss.

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Photonics SiN and Si

Waveguide based devices on imec’s Silicon Nitride platform BioPIX, optimized for applications in the visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

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With more than 600 tape-outs per year and capacity at leading foundries, imec.IC-link is your experienced and trusted partner for ASIC manufacturing. Want to talk about your ASIC needs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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