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Process technology selection

Let imec.IC-link tailor the technology to your needs and support you all the way to manufacturing your ASIC.

When developing an ASIC, selecting the right process technology is a key step. If you take the wrong decision at the beginning, you can run into massive problems later – for example a mismatch between the chosen process technology and your desired specifications such as speed, active power, leakage or area.

In order to avoid obstacles down the road such as extended design times, high costs and capacity problems, the imec.IC-link team helps you to clear the path right at the beginning.

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Complete process technology portfolio

  • Here are some key aspects you need to consider when choosing your technology node, process flavor and technology options:
  • volume production forecast, linked to foundry capacity, for the decision between 200mm or 300mm processes
  • low-power, general purpose or high-performance flavors
  • logic, mixed-signal, RF or mmWave simulation models & PDK availability
  • mixed signal options such as deep N-well, high-res Poly, MIM/MOM capacitors
  • RF options such as ultra-thick top metal(s), inductor devices
  • core voltage and IO voltage devices: do you need to consider several options? Is over-/under-drive possible?
  • high-voltage capabilities such as LDMOS or BCD devices
  • several Vt’s apart from the standard Vt’s: extreme/ultra-low Vt, extreme/ultra-high Vt.
  • availability of standard cell libraries, standard IO libraries
  • availability of 3rd party IP for SerDes, PLL, ADC, DAC, PVT sensors, # interfaces
  • embedded NVM (eFuse or eFlash) or 3rd party IP (OTP, MTP) export regulations, depending on application, final usage and product sales region

Not sure how all of this ties into your ASIC idea? No worries, that’s what imec’s experienced team is there to help you with. Because of our unparalleled network of leading foundry partners, we have access to – and knowledge of – the widest possible range of process technologies. That guarantees that we’re able to select the one that exactly fits your needs.

Our current portfolio includes these technologies:

Process technology selection

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big company, SME or university. Or whether you have inhouse ASIC design expertise or not. Imec.IC-link supports customers with diverse backgrounds, sizes, requirements and needs to create ASICs that revolutionize domains such as health, automotive, industry 4.0, AI, space or Internet of Things (IoT).

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From choosing your technology to manufacturing your ASIC

After your technology choice, we ask you to sign a design kit license agreement (DKLA) and non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You then have access to a designer manual and the process design kit (PDK) which contains detailed information such as design rules, electrical parameters and standard cell libraries.

That is, unless you want us to take care of your ASIC design

Imec.IC-link helps you to make your ASICs production-ready. You can choose to have more control by utilizing our Easy-COT (Customer Owned Tooling) service or opt for the Full Turnkey (FTK) management of your project.

Not ready yet to manufacture your ASIC in large or even medium volumes? Imec.IC-link offers you the possibility for rapid and affordable prototyping, for instance by including your project in multi-project wafer (MPW) runs. These are also available in advanced imec technologies such as GaN, silicon photonics and silicon nitride photonics.

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