North America

Universities in North America can now gain access to the TSMC University FinFET Program. This newly developed program offers advantageous pricing for TSMC FinFet technologies.

Program highlights

  • Offering the industry’s most successful FinFET technology family to universities
    • Starting with N16, N7 (including RF)
    • Tapeout and manufacturing services
  • Design collaterals for both teaching and research
    • N7 and N16 design collateral: For test chip MPW
    • N16ADFP (academic design foster package): For teaching purposes only


To access the TSMC University FinFET program, please, fill in the application form and return it to Applications will be reviewed and approved by TSMC, after which an NDA will be shared. Access will be granted through imec’s secure data sharing platform.

Application form

Prototyping prices (on silicon area)

For all MPW runs available via the TSMC schedule

Prototyping prices all MPW runs
FinFET all MPW runs schedule

For selected MPW runs

Prototyping prices selected MPW runs
FinFET selected MPW runs schedule

Supported metal schemes for prototyping


  • 1P9M_2XA1XD3XE1Z1U_UT AlRDL For RF


  • 1P10M_1X1XA1YA4Y1Z1U (RF)
  • 1P11M_1X1XA1YA5Y2Z
  • 1P15M_1X1XA1YA5Y2YY2YX2R