/TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum Europe 2023

TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum Europe 2023

October 4, 2023 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Imec will be represented by its ASIC services team, imec.IC-link – visit our expo table!

You can also follow our talk on “Enabling the automotive chiplet ecosystem” durin the Mobile and Automtive track at 4:30 pm.

Event details

Join TSMC’s OIP Ecosystem Forum where the Semiconductor Design Community gathers.

Learn about:

  • Emerging advanced node design challenges and corresponding design flows and methodologies for N2, N3/N3E/N3P/N3AE, N4/N4P, N5/N5A, N6/N6e/N6RF/N7, N12e, and N22.
  • Latest updates on TSMC 3DFabric™ chip stacking and advanced packaging processes, InFO, CoWoS®, and SoIC, 3DFabric Alliance, and 3Dblox™ standard, plus innovative 3Dblox-based design enablement technologies and solutions, targeting HPC, AI/ML, and mobile applications
  • Comprehensive design solutions for specialty technologies enabling ultra-low power, ultra-low voltage, analog migration, RF, mmWave, and automotive designs targeting 5G, automotive, and IoT designs
  • Ecosystem specific TSMC reference flow implementations, P&R optimization, machine learn-ing to improve design quality and productivity, and cloud-based design solutions
  • Successful , real-life applications of design technologies and IP solutions from TSMC's Open Innovation Platform® Ecosystem members and TSMC customers to speed up time-to-design and time-to-market

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