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ASIC volume production with a tailored supply chain

Need a partner for the manufacturing of your ASICs? Imec.IC-link is ready to assist you in the way that suits you best.

Unless you can approach foundries with the promise of astronomical fabrication volumes, getting your ASIC produced is always a challenge.

Enter imec.IC-link: a partner who has been offering services to the microelectronics industry and academia for over thirty years. Who can leverage its expertise and its long-term agreements with world-class partners to boost the deployment of your IC back end of the line (BEOL).

Choose your support model

Depending on factors such as your in-house experience and the complexity of your project, you can choose between:

  • customer-owned tooling (COT) – where imec.IC-link limits its role to facilitating the supply chain
  • full turnkey – where we coordinate the complete ASIC production process so you can focus on your core business

Whatever model you choose, we always handle your project with a maximum of transparency and flexibility.

Get in touch

ASIC supply chain management

Imec.IC-link operates a flexible supply chain system. Various teams of specialists are available to speed your product to market. They act as extension units of your own teams, unburdening them from dealing with several actors and offering them a single point of contact to interact with – from the first concept up to the final product.

Feel free to focus on your business while imec.IC-link takes care of:

  • customer forecast
  • orders
  • capacity allocation with involved suppliers
  • production follow-up
  • logistics
  • storage
  • final delivery

In all these services, transparency is key. Follow your product 24/7 through Querio, our online WIP tracking system. There, you can generate reports, follow the production flow and get updated information whenever you want.

Of course, our production engineers also keep a close eye on your projects. Using yieldWerx and/or Galaxy Examinator Pro, they perform yield and technical analysis to determine critical points during the production process. And they suggest appropriate solutions to maximize production yields.

Our engineers also seamlessly handle all requests for return merchandise authorizations (MERA) and process change notifications (PCN).

Smooth ramp-up support

Need help with ramping up your production? We can provide you with the cheapest solution based on your required volume. For sufficiently large volumes, we effortlessly transfer all our production test solutions to the East Asia.

Our test solutions are developed in close relationship with the outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies (OSATs) and are therefore fully compliant with their tester platforms. We are also capable of testing on packaged devices and naked dies – both bumped or not – and provide multi-site test solutions to minimize the cost.