/Supporting our customers’ innovation

Supporting our customers’ innovation

As part of imec’s innovation-driven mindset, we’re always looking to see how we can help our customers realize their ASIC ideas. We support academic and research projects, but we’re equally at home working with companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to large multinational corporations.  

CAIRDAC - leadless pacemaker

A unique, autonomous and leadless pacemaker is harvesting the heart’s own kinetic energy. It is the first device of this kind with no energy limitation.  

Read more about the power of customized ASICs in the article.

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Capri-Medical: bioelectronics device

Migraine is the third most common disease in the world. 1 in 7 people is suffering from it. Capri-Medical, developed a solution which targets pain management of chronic migraine. This innovative device required an ASIC – find out more in the article.

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Hailo: next-generation AI chips

Many groundbreaking innovations of the future will be powered by advances in artificial intelligence and big data. This means they will require significantly stronger computer processing. That’s exactly what Hailo is providing with their breakthrough microprocessor – uniquely designed to accelerate embedded AI applications on edge devices.

Cochlear: embedded hearing implants

Worldwide, around 466 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. With the help of imec.IC-link, Cochlear has developed and manufactured hearing implants using advanced RF ICs and sound processors. These implants bypass the outer and mid ear to directly stimulate hearing cells.

Need help to realize your own ASIC idea? Imec.IC-link is ready to help you out with ASIC manufacturing and turnkey services.

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