/Partnering a world-leading ecosystem

Partnering a world-leading ecosystem

Thanks to its long-term, trusted relationships with proven best-in-class partners, imec.IC-link gives you easy access to a wide range of services and products.

Foundries and fabs

Imec.IC-link is a leading TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA), but also has long-standing relationships with other major semiconductor foundries. Our foundry partners acknowledge imec’s service as an optimal solution to provide wafer capacity for customers and their products.

In addition, we can access imec’s proprietary world-class infrastructure for specialized processes, such as GaN and Photonics.


EUROPRACTICE provides an integrated service with easy and affordable access to technologies and training, enabling academic and industrial customers worldwide to create novel products in virtually all application domains. Through EUROPRACTICE, imec.IC-link can support a wide range of other foundry and process options.

As coordinator and founding partner, imec plays a leading role in EUROPRACTICE, which has supported the European academic sector with design tools, training and IC prototyping for almost 30 years.

Design and IP partners

Our partnership programs are designed to pool the talents and resources of the local and international world-class design and IP companies. This program allows us to select and coordinate the wide range of capabilities that are needed to deliver completed designs to our customers.

In addition, we work closely with the leading EDA companies and 3rd party IP providers to utilize their products and services in executing your design.

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Assembly and Test (OSAT) partners

Our outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) partners provide a range of IC packaging and test services – from simple wire bond packages to complex 2.5D/3D packaging technologies.

Imec and its partners will work with you to develop packaging and test solutions that can scale from low-volume prototyping to high-volume production

Imec research

As ASIC service provider of the global nanoelectronics and digital technologies R&D hub imec, imec.IC-link can help you in finding and accessing imec IP or processes that can benefit your product.  Imec.IC-link can tweak imec processes and IP to meet your specific needs.