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GSA Entrepreneurship Conference

March 23, 2021 | Online

GSA’s Entrepreneurship Conference brings private companies seeking exposure together with an international audience of decision-makers from the technology ecosystem and financial community.

The 2021 Virtual Entrepreneurial Conference is prioritizing the needs of:

  • Startups by helping to raise their visibility among investors, partners and customers, as well as broaden their business development opportunities.
  • Financial Investors and Incubators by showcasing their portfolio, enhancing their portfolio with new startups and increasing deal-flow, connecting with other investors to syndicate opportunities, and raise their overall visibility.
  • Strategic Partners, such as larger semiconductor, system, or solutions companies, by introducing them to potential technology and commercial partners or exit strategy opportunities.
  • Ecosystem Service Providers and Suppliers by introducing them to potential clients or partnerships with semiconductor and supply chain companies, as well as service partners, consultants, bankers, and the like.

Do not miss the interesting discussions, success stories and elevator pitches!

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