/Design contest for first-time users of GaN-IC 650V technology

Design contest for first-time users of GaN-IC 650V technology

Imec.IC-link and EUROPRACTICE are launching a design contest for first-time users of imec GaN-IC 650V technology.

GaN-IC technology

The use of GaN for power electronics is becoming more important as applications in automotive, consumer electronics and datacenters demand ever higher switching speeds, lower losses, and smaller form factors. Imec has responded to these challenges through the development of its GaN-IC technology which permits the integration of power and control devices on a single GaN-on-SOI die. We refer to this as GaN-IC technology.

By providing free, open access to this technology for universities worldwide our goal is to stimulate novel designs and applications that will take full advantage of the capabilities of this unique technology.

Design on imec’s GaN-IC technology, courtesy of MiNDCeT

About the contest

The winner will get a free prototype fabrication (excluding packaging) of one standard (5mm x 5mm) block size design on imec 650V GaN-IC MPW shuttle in October 2021 – representing a value of 30,000 €.

Who can apply?

Researchers from academic institutions and research institutes worldwide that have never prototyped in the imec GaN-IC technology before.

How to apply?

Download and fill in a two-page application template. You can submit it via email to Maritza.TangarifeOrtiz@imec.be

Multiple applications can be submitted, but a maximum of one design per university can be approved.

Download the application template

When are the deadlines?

Submission of proposals is open until August 18th, 2021.

The design has to be taped out on the October 2021 GaN-IC MPW run.

Proposals will be evaluated by an independent committee and the winner will be informed before September 8th, 2021.

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Application novelty of the GaN-IC design
  • Proposed design methodology
  • Clarity of application and credibility of case
  • How this will lead to further research using design and fabrication by your institute

We are looking forward to your applications!