ASIC design and IP

Take advantage of imec’s expertise and network to get access to all the building blocks and design services you need for your ASIC.

Realizing an ASIC is often a matter of expertly combining custom design with existing IP. This means you need to involve multiple specialized partners. Even if you easily know where to find them, the coordination of their efforts can cost you a lot of time and energy.

Why not work with one expert partner instead? By combining its own capabilities and those of its partners, imec offers you and end-to-end solution for your ASIC development: design, IP and integration of all the building blocks.

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ASIC design

Starting from your requirements or chip specification, we tailor a design team that combines all the necessary capabilities so realize your system-on-chip (SoC).

Based on your specific needs, choose your entry point in the design flow:

  • requirements
  • specification
  • register-transfer level (RTL)
  • netlist
  • (placed) gates


Almost all ASIC designs combine analog full-custom blocks with:

  • digital standard cell-based logic, including macros, such as RAM and ROM
  • pre-designed third-party IP blocks such as a PLL, ADC and DAC

Imec.IC-link is your access point to an extensive IP partner network as well as imec’s white box IP – providing ASIC IP solutions for many markets in a broad range of technologies.

Integration of ASIC building blocks

Imec.IC-link’s offering also includes the expert combination of all ASIC elements. You can choose to handle the top-level integration of digital sub-blocks in your mixed signal chip yourself (analog-on-top) or use our services to integrate the digital top-level ASIC including analog IP blocks (digital-on-top) designed by you or a third-party IP partner.

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Our specialty: DARE


For applications operating in radiation environments (aerospace, high-energy physics research, medical) imec has developed the DARE (Design Against Radiation Effects) technology platforms, in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

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