/Flexible turnkey ASIC services to match your needs

Flexible turnkey ASIC services to match your needs

Need additional support and services with your ASIC manufacturing? By utilizing its partner network, imec offers you a complete range – from ASIC design to product qualification.

ASIC design and IP services

Imec.IC-link combines its own team of ASIC design specialists with those of our design partner network to tailor the design team depending on the needs of your application and taking into account your entry point in the ASIC design flow.

We are also your access point to an extensive IP partner network as well as imec’s white box IP’s providing ASIC IP solutions for many markets in a broad range of technologies.

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Assembly and advanced package design services

Imec.IC-link provides prototype and volume packaging through leading assembly houses. Our team and partners can support a wide range of packaging options ranging from wire bond to flip-chip and 2.5D/3D package designs.

Our team will work with you to identify the optimal packaging solution based on your requirements and then design and manufacture the targeted package.

Test, qualification and production optimization services

To test your ASICs, test software and hardware are developed through imec.IC-link’s partners. We also offer full ASIC qualification services, covering a range of qualification requirements (consumer, industrial, medical, space).

After successful corner lots, volume risk production can start with yield monitoring and improvement during the ramp-up phase. And once your ASIC is qualified and running in high volumes, the test solution can be transferred to low-cost test houses.

Volume production with a tailored supply chain

From just buying processed wafers to fully outsourcing the ASIC supply chain and purchasing fully qualified, tested and assembled ASICs, the choice is yours. We offer everything from:

  • a flexible ‘easy’ COT model (customer owned tooling), where imec.IC-link facilitates the supply chain
  • right up to a robust full turnkey business model

Failure analysis and troubleshooting quickly get to the root cause of any problem and ensure a successful transition to volume production. During the product lifecycle, the business model can be adapted to meet changing requirements.

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You can choose any combination of services to complement your inhouse skills and capabilities. Ask us for a tailored proposal.

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