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Prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of silicon photonic ICs

Share your masking and processing costs with other designers to manufacture silicon photonic ICs on imec’s platform.

From telecom and datacom to sensing: many applications stand to benefit from the use of integrated circuits that use silicon photonics to combine passive and active components on a single chip.

Imec’s SOI-based integrated silicon photonics platform (iSiPP) offers you the tools to develop such a photonic integrated circuit (PIC). And through a multi-project wafer (MPW) or shared run, you can affordably manufacture small batches of these PICs by sharing costs with other designers.

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Affordable prototyping and low-volume manufacturing through MPW or shared runs

For easy access to low volumes of silicon photonic ICs, imec.IC-link offers its multi-project wafer (MPW) service, which allows you to share masking and processing costs with other designers.

Currently, imec offers the following technologies for MPW customers:

  • iSiPP50G: 200mm (8”) simplified platform/flow co-integrates a wide variety of passive and active components to support a wide range of optical transceiver architectures at data rates 50Gb/s.
  • imec Si-photonics passives+ 200mm (8”) simplified platform/flow, a subset of iSiPP50G technology.

Our MPW services are provided through the EUROPRACTICE platform, where imec is one of the partners. 

Want even more flexibility? We also offer low- or mid-volume dedicated runs that give you more opportunity for customization. Contact us for more information.

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