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GaN-IC prototyping through multi-project wafer service (MPW)

Want to affordably produce a small volume of integrated GaN-IC power devices in a superior technology? Then reserve your space on a multi-project wafer shuttle.

Gallium nitride (GaN) offers a lot of benefits as a power conductor. But it only unleashes its full potential when incorporated in an integrated circuit (IC) that acts as a tight and high-performing power device.

The development of such an integrated power system is a complex matter, but it’s accessible – even in small volumes – thanks to imec.IC-link’s multi-project wafer service (MPW).

Share the costs of your GaN-IC fabrication

The principle of an MPW service is that you reduce some of the biggest costs of IC manufacturing – such as engineering, processing and masking – by splitting them with other customers.

You then get a limited amount of chips, for instance for a validation or launch of your product. Once you’re ready to grow, you can easily scale up to dedicated runs.

An improved way to make GaN-ICs

The big challenge when it comes to integrated on-chip GaN-IC power systems is the lateral isolation of the devices, which is needed to avoid parasitic inductance. Imec.IC-link gives you access to imec’s GaN-on-SOI technology that allows trench isolation and avoids the use of a shared Si substrate that can only be referenced to a single potential at a time.

The result is a monolithic integration that achieves high power density and huge switching speeds within a tiny device.

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